Down & dirty hip-shakin old school Rock & Roll / R&B.

Good and greasy the way it was meant to be played!

Harkening back to the days when frats were cool and the twist was the “it” dance, The Bama Lamas pay homage to the dusties you know and love. Not to be placed in a nice, tidy bucket - it's rock n roll - pure and simple. Encapsulating garage rock, frat rock, with some New Orleans R ‘n’ B, scratchy soul and surf thrown in for good measure, it is wild, visceral party music (simply add beer keg) with The Sonics, Little Richard and the A-Bones on the guest list. The kind of raunch that makes you want to jump right out of your skin and that you can feel deep down in your soul.  Started in 1998 by Chris and Sal, and with the new addition of Bama Lady Gabrielle Sutton, these kids get you on the dance floor and keep you there.


Chris "Bama Lama" Holtane - Hully Gully Guitar, Deep Vox
Matt "Sal" Favazza - Down and Dirty Bass Man, Backing It Up Vox
Andre Williams, The Goldstars, The Krinkles. Matt proudly uses GHS strings exclusively (
Charles "Crab" Collings - Beat Daddy on Drums, Pipe
The Regels, Smush, The Pincushions
Jason "What's This Song About" Larsen - Golly Gee Gee-tar
Andre Williams, The Stranger, The Peelers, Bailey Dee & Her Late Night Bait
Tony "The Face" Bryan - Smokin' Saxaphone, Hand Clappin'
Hi Fi & The Roadburners, Bailey Dee's Late Night Bait, The Amazing Royal Crowns, Deals Gone Bad, Andrew Williams & The Goldstars, Hot Jumpin' Six, Nervous Breakdown, Can't Say
Billy "24 Bars" Maryniak - Fast Fingered Piano Man, Burritos
Slink Moss, The Belvederes, The Wild Bunch, Good Idea, Brute Force, Punx
Gabrielle "Gabba Gabba Hey" Sutton - Songbird & Shaker of Things
The Del Moroccos, Miss G & The Murder